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Impact of Globalization on Zimbabwean Culture - 1676 Words

Globalization has had a significant impact on the Zimbabwean culture . Globalization has greatly changed Zimbabwean culture . The effects of globalization on Zimbabwean culture has been quite varied having both positive and negative effects . It is however the writer’s view that globalization has had a largely negative impact on Zimbabwean culture as Rodrik(1971:8) points out that â€Å"globalization creates social and political tensions within and across nation states†. Globalization seems to have brought more harm than good. In this write-up , the writer will begin by defining the terms ‘culture’ and ‘globalization’. The writer will then highlight the†¦show more content†¦It is important to note that these English-speaking people’s that Zimbabweans seem to envy and imitate have not changed their language due to globaliza tion or any other force . Globalization has also affected the way Zimbabweans are now dressing . Zimbabweans used to dress in a way that was seen as being ‘decent’ but because of the influence of globalization most of the clothes worn nowadays has become more revealing .Most of these clothes have their origins in the West or have been designed by Western or American designers. Zimbabweans have grown to prefer clothes designed in the West or in the Americas than clothes of local origin. Farming is another area that has been affected by globalization. Zimbabweans used to traditionally produce small grains which are drought-resistant. People used to prepare food with ingredients made from locally produced grains. Now people are producing maize and other exotic crops which may not be resistant to drought. Nowadays Zimbabweans have been exposed to and are consuming a lot of refined foods and a lot of other genetically modified foods produced in other countries and it is thought that these foods of foreign origin have led to increases in the incidences of previously unheard-of illnesses such as hypertension andShow MoreRelatedEssay on GLT task1887 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is globalization? Globalization, â€Å"refers to processes of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture† (Merriam-Webster, 2014). Since the 1980’s the impact of globalization has been on the rise. Western cultures are bringing about new ways of culture while indigenous people are modifying their traditional ways to western civilization. I will be discussing two non-western cultures and the effects of globalization. TheRead MoreInternational Monetary Fund ( Imf ) And World Bank1251 Words   |  6 Pagesa lot of factors which include the devastating drought that ravaged the whole of Southern Africa in 1992 to 1993 and the strings that was attached to the policy by the authors of the policy, being the World Bank. However, there were more negative impacts than positive as time went by. There were more job loses after the government offloaded civil servants and more employees were found with no jobs as companies closed down due to competitions from multinational companies who had better technology andRead MoreRacial and Ethnic Inequality696 Words   |  3 Pagesgroups are found at the borders of the country. That is the reason for the inequality. Another cause of this disparity is cultural orientation. Various ethnic groups have varying values. Some cultures encourage people to be hard workers whereas others want people to work for subsistence only. Some cultures also value commitment and entrepreneurship. The races or ethnic groups that value commitment and business orientation become better than the groups that are less industrious and creative. DiscriminationRead MoreGlobalization Of The English Language1792 Words   |  8 PagesGlobalization of the English Language It is everywhere. About 380 million speak it as their first language and perhaps two-thirds as many as their second. A billion are learning it, a third of the world’s population are in some sense exposed to it and by 2050, it is predicted, half the world will be more or less proficient at it. It is the language of globalization - English. Though defining globalization is a contested and divisive issue, according to the â€Å"Arab World English Journal,† â€Å"GlobalizationRead MoreStructural Adjustment in Zimbabwe2550 Words   |  11 PagesInternational Monetary Fund in an attempt to free the Zimbabwean economy (Bond 93). In 1991, Zimbabwe introduced what is known as the Economic Structural Adjustment (ESAP), to stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty. The government would â€Å"de-emphasise its expenditure on social services and emphasise investment in the material production sectors such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing†(Gibbons 10). To begin economic restructuring, the Zimbabwean government received financial assistance fromRead MoreCase Study On Corporate Social Responsibility Essay2367 Words   |  10 Pages green options and methodologies, and maintainable sources of creation. (Buchholz, 2003) Despite the fact that there has been no solid evidence on the connections between the exercise of moral and social skillfully and benefit; CSR has a positive impact on reputation risk management, separation of the brand, fascination and maintainability of government support. International multilateral organizations: Worldwide Energy Network Institute characterizes a multilateral partnership as the accumulationRead MoreChina’s Investment in Africa Essay3107 Words   |  13 Pagesthe role of China in Africa. Alden â€Å"investigates the emerging relationship between China and Africa to determine whether this engagement will be that of a development partner, economic competitor or new hegemon† (Alden, 2008). Dambisa Moyo, a Zimbabwean national who is an international economist who focusing on macro economic policies, also offers her viewpoint on the role of China in Africa and more importantly represents the needed and often absent viewpoint from home. Her book, Winner Take All:Read MoreA Guide to Zimbabwe Goverment Revenue11248 Words   |  45 Pagestax delinquency 27 4.9 Tax enforcement efficiency 28 4.10 Corruption 28 5.1 Oversight institutions 31 Chapter 5: The social and economic implications of the various ways of raising government revenue 32 5.2 Taxation and Development 33 5.3 Impact of taxation on economic and social development 33 5.4 Role of taxes in economic development 33 Chapter 6: Recommendations on other possible sources of revenue for Government. 35 6.1 Parliament can improve the management of mineral resources.Read MoreCorporate Governance and Auditors14709 Words   |  59 Pagesutilization since the adoption of multi currency in February 2009.stability is projected to spur growth in the financial, manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. However liquidity remains a challenge thereby lending and profitability, which impact on recapitalization of the economy. The research is of the view that under the aforementioned scene, proper corporate governance structures are inevitable. There is need for improvement on the issues of corporate governance in all corners of theRead MoreChina in Africa Essay20116 Words   |  81 Pagesthe continental economy throughout the colonial and early post-colonial period, has been destabilized and eroded over the past thirty years. Despite the World Bank’s poverty alleviation concerns, agrarian livelihoods continue to unravel under the impact of economic liberalization and global value chains. Can African smallholders bounce back and compete? The World Development Report 2008 argues they can and must. How realistic is this given the history of World Bank conditionality in Africa? This

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Criminology The Realist View And Constructivist Perspective

Criminology is the study of crime, those who commit crime and also studies the criminal justice and penal systems. Crime is defined as the act of omission established with the laws of the nation in which it occurred in. However, deviance as Downes and Rock suggested may be considered as the behaviour which is banned or controlled and would more limey attract punishment or disapproval. Not all deviances are crimes it is merely behaviours which do not comply with the norms of societies. It is important to clarify what crime is and how it occurs in order to have accurate measurements of it. There are two opposing views on crime statistics: the realist view and constructivist perspective. The former view has a number of forms, pertinently; left realism and right realism. Basically, realist view sees the official records as an indicator of the state of crime in a society. On the contrary, the latter perspective is related to how officials and others perceive the process as well as how off icial statistics could be understood by the procedure agencies responsible carry out their work. Crime statistics give an indication of crime occurrences and there are two methods used in constructing crime rates: recorder crime statistics and the national crime victimisation surveys (British Crime Survey). This essay will critically analyse how accurate the measures of crime are with reference to the theories on crime. One of the official sources of crime data is collected routinely by law

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Artifacts Free Essays

The life of everyday 2012 Americans would be massively effected if they had no cellular phones. Since cellular phones were considered advanced back then they could carry â€Å"APS† and â€Å"the internet†, with these two things humans could most likely do almost everything from their phone, except eat and drink. Most everyone in 2012 has a phone for communication purposes, since people travel far away and do not stay close to the home. We will write a custom essay sample on Artifacts or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although a cellular phone was a status symbol, It was also seed to take â€Å"pictures†, and to decorate, in 2012 they had things called â€Å"phone cases† and â€Å"phone charms†. This Just fed into the obsession with the use for cellular phones and other technologies. Cellular Phones challenge the Christian faith because they are such a temptation. Since Americans got all the worlds information to their phones, they kept their cellular phones close. They left these devices on loud ringers too, this way they were notified when a text came up, or something In their social media circle. But 2012 Christians should be more focused on serving the Lord’s will, rather than satisfying their need to stay â€Å"updated†. In the more ancient Roman times, the Christian were faced with the dawning task of trying to â€Å"fit in† with the regular society, so they had to pretend to worship false idols. But the Ancient Roman Christians rose above that, they knew that with the help of God that life would learn to accept Christianity as a real religion. Roman Christian would just have to remain faithful to God and know that it is in his will that they learn o resist temptations and to stay faithful even through the persecution. My second artifact that I uncovered was a â€Å"Cool Story BRB. Tell it again. † Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt represents clothing that Americans wore in 2012, this would also be considered Ideas and Values. These types of sweatshirts were used to gain attention, both positive and negative, with a catchy slogan. This effects the dally lives of Americans living In 2012 because sweatshirts, were used for warmth. But they could serve another purpose too, living in 2012 the world was all about fashion, so any people wore sweatshirts with catchy slogans because it was â€Å"hip† The main reason it was a challenge to the lives of Christians living in 2012 was because the slogan â€Å"Cool Story BRB. Tell it Again. † is supposed to make the person telling the long and uninteresting thing feel like their words were not important. So their words feel less important with such a rude phrase. Ancient Roman Christians must have felt the same way because since they lived in a time were false idols were constantly being worshiped, believing in a Heavenly Father made them unimportant. Ancient Romans treated the Christian word like we do now with that catchy slogan; they denounce all meaning in our messages, our prophets, and our bible verses. The Christians rose above all the hate and mean glares that were given to them in Ancient Roman times, so it should be easier for Christians in 2012 to be able to turn their heads away from the fallen decedents of Jesus Christ. It is only God’s will if people want to reject our messages, and our teachings. We will always as Christians stay faithful no matter what, and continue to speak of God’s Grace. The third and final artifact that I discovered is a women fragrance, names â€Å"Rubble† by Ranch. This artifact goes under social life, and ideas and values. In 2012, women were obsessed with smelling good, it was not uncommon for one women to have more than 3 perfumes in her bathroom or bedroom. This was all because of the idea that women must smell good, to be attractive; of course there were other things women had to suffer through to be considered attractive. But none the less, women were objectified to be a perfect person. This posed a challenge to Christians and their faith because; Christian women would not be focused on achieving preferences. The only one who can be perfect is God, who made us, and teaches us daily. Although it was tempting for Christian women to object themselves to the culture around them, they knew that in the end it wouldn’t be the preferences that got them to heaven, and that they wouldn’t be Judge on their appearance. In the end Christian women knew that they must stay faithful to God, and know that he is the only one who Judges us in the end. In Ancient Roman times, women-not Just Christian- were faced with the same reality. The cultures around them made everyone think that women have to be a certain way to be beautiful, this has been etched out through all of time since Adam and Eve, and the dinosaurs. Christian women of faith should not be discouraged by the perfect image formed by society and pop culture. They should only strengthen their faith, becoming closer with God. God doesn’t see you as you, he sees you as the person he created, and a loving human being. God is the only one who Judges you when you leave this world, so why should you care who Judges you in this world? How to cite Artifacts, Papers Artifacts Free Essays They include tools, dwellings, artifacts, war machinery and music instruments among others. Material culture advanced at different speeds in different communities depending major on the needs of the community at that particular time and technological ability. Building structures such as homes and roads, which are products of architecture, provide the major contribution to material culture. We will write a custom essay sample on Artifacts or any similar topic only for you Order Now This brings out clearly the importance of architecture in the development of material culture, and the same way, material culture is so important in architecture and other fields as discussed below. For architects, material culture can be a great source of inspiration in designing of buildings. Many architectural designs source their inspiration from the material culture of a society. Physical cultural elements such as the African hut, the gourd, the African pot and the African mat have inspired African architecture. A good number of buildings in Africa have their inspiration from very old buildings in Asia and Europe, mostly religious places of worship such as the churches and mosques, almost all mosques have a similar design that traces its origin way back in the Asian countries where McHugh style of architecture was plopped. Such are forms of material culture as they played a central role in defining the religion of the people during that time. Since material culture is tangible, and in most cases very durable, it provides a concrete support and evidence in proving historical facts. By collecting and studying material culture, historians are able to validate and prove their claims. In the study of the origin of man, Charles Darwin could have not in any way convinced a single person that man evolved from the same evolutionary path as primates. But through the evidence gathered from the mains of the stone tools and artifacts at the areas belied to have been the dwellings of the early man, it was much easier for him to prove his point that man evolved from apes. Material culture enables us to gauge the level of development of a people. In the modern world, there exists a different level of gauging the development of societies I. E. The developed countries such as USA china, Japan and Britain, the developing countries such as Brazil Kenya and south Africa and also the third world countries. What leads to such difference in classification is mainly the kind of materials these societies use and their technological advancement. We are able to measure how advanced the ancient societies were through the study of their material culture, for example the early civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, through studying the remains of their agricultural tools, we are able to comfortably conclude that such civilizations had sophisticated technology as per that time. In the more recent societies of Rome and Jerusalem, by getting knowledge of their architecture, we find how much they were technologically advanced. This is important in that it gives us onscreen evidence to use in gauging the level of development of a people. Material culture is a source of heritage and pride of a people. The tangible evidence of the technological advancement is a source of pride as a heritage of a people, historic buildings and artifacts owned by a society provides them with something to show off their history and advancement in various fields of Science and Mathematics. For example the Fort Jesus building in Lama, the Geed ruins, these are sources of pride for Kenya as they are historical places that define the history of Kenya. Famous old buildings such as the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount in the old City of Jerusalem, SST. Pewter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy, Acropolis of Athens, the Pantheon in Rome, the Parthenon in Athens, Decent Mosque in Mali, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and Haggis Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey are great heritages of the communities that associate with them and the countries in which they have been in existence for centuries. They are a source of pride and give a visual impression of the history of the people in those places. References; www. Du. Com How to cite Artifacts, Papers

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Its been over 10 years sinc... free essay sample

Its been over 10 years since I had my last job, getting regular paychecks, lookingforward to hump day and TGIF. I have had my own business for a decade and I loveeach day that I get to build my empire. Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have a sidehustle as an expert business consultant, planner, coach, or something similar? If youhave been in business for yourself for a substantial period, you do know youreunemployable now, right?Yes, you fall in a category where you will find it very challenging to survive working forsomeone else. In addition, most employers wont want you. Most entrepreneurs aretoo independent, they are not good at taking orders from someone who has settled inlife, and they will have a difficult time with office politics. Entrepreneurs have alreadydefined what success means to them, what motivates them, and their purpose in life.Working for someone inhibits the entrepreneur from growing. We will write a custom essay sample on Its been over 10 years sinc or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Entrepreneurs know thatthey must live at the edge of their capabilities. They must fail to evolve.On a job, failure is unacceptable. Failing on a job is asking to be fired. Failing as anentrepreneur is a part of the growth process. One of my favorite quotes on failure byJohn C. Maxwell, Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward. Entrepreneurs aresuccessful because they extract the lessons from failure and they have a positiverelationship with failure.So, should I worry that as an entrepreneur that I am unemployable? Not at all. Theawesome life challenge of not being able to accomplish gainful employment in workingfor someone else motivates me to 10X and maxout each goal I set for myself and myteam. I am not hurt by people who do not support me in my efforts to be successful,because I have chosen a way of life that will bring an unsurmountable amount of wealthand create a legacy for my family and future generations. People will not always seemy vision. Its ok. Later, when I am uber successful, they will ask me how did I do it. Iwill tell them like a diamond I withstood the pressure, believed in myself, and trusted theprocess.I am an entrepreneur and I am unemployable. I am fortunate to be my own boss atVirtuity Financial Partners. I work with a team of unemployable entrepreneurs. Wework on our own schedules, we control our lives and plan the future we want. If thissounds like an opportunity for you, contact me to explore your options.

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The Political Views of Muslim Americans

The Political Views of Muslim Americans The political views of Muslim Americans compare to the rest of the American religious public The largest number of Americans believe that Muslims pose a threat to the American society. Many Americans remain skeptical of the Islamic anti-democratic tendencies a factor that has triggered fear among them (Ghazal 40). The Muslim religion has a bad reputation for its violent characteristic with regard to the widespread understanding of their belief in jihad, the holy war.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Political Views of Muslim Americans specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Research on Muslim Americans suggests that these assumptions are not the reality. Muslim Americans just like the American society are diverse. Not all Muslims are Arabs neither do they all come from one country. Many Muslims come from Asia although some also come from the African-Muslim countries like Libya and Egypt. These make the Islam community a very diverse religion with varying cultural practices. Just like the American people, the Muslim Americans are the most ethnically diverse population in the world today. Many Americans assume that Muslims are all Arabs but research contradicts that notion considering that one-fifth of the Muslim population in America is American born. The Muslims are not entirely uniformly religious neither do they share the same political views as many Americans assume. Muslims are outsiders Not all Muslims are devout. Some of them are serious and strict devotees of their religion while some are moderately devoted and others are non-practicing and secular. This is synonymous to the Christian religion which not all who profess Christianity are really practicing Christians. Muslim Americans are politically integrated and highly diverse and are equally engaged in today’s political issues like the rest of the Americans. For instance, the Islamic communities are highly opposed to gay marriages an d favor an increase in government spending to support the needy (Ghazal 41). However, they are a bit more conservative compared to the rest of the American population with regard to the issue of abortion (Ghazal 41). On foreign policies, the Muslim Americans do not agree or share the same sentiments as the rest of the public. While the public appreciates the war in Iraq and the anti-terrorist actions against the Middle East, the Islamic community bares some reservations on this issue. The Islamic community although they share most of the social and political views with all other religions in America, they are still largely considered Non-Americans. This is due to past activities that the Americans have held against the Muslim community the 9/11 bomb attack (Ghazal 43).Advertising Looking for essay on ethnicity studies? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other groups considered as outsiders However, just like other group s that the Americans thought of them as a threat to their harmonious religious existence, the Muslims will have to endure the rebellion factor. Maybe in time the mainstream Americans will be able to accept the American Muslims as fellow compatriots as they did with the Jews and the Italians. Another religion seen as an outsider is the Hindu community. Although they have been mostly involved in the business sector, the Hindu community does not enjoy the benefits of being an American as the natives do and other foreigners like Japanese and Chinese people. The Hindus are not very much involved when it comes to political and national matters. Integration and interaction especially with the Muslim community which research show is highly educated and well informed could be fruitful in achieving some of the development goals. The solution is only by bringing the Muslim American to the national dialogue and involve them in national matters. Ghazal, Jen’nan 2007, Muslims in America. Anti-Muslim graffiti defaces a Shi’ite mosque at the Islamic Center of America. PDF file. 11 Nov. 2012.

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Mary Ann Bickerdyke, Calico Colonel of the Civil War

Mary Ann Bickerdyke, Calico Colonel of the Civil War Mary Ann Bickerdyke was known for her nursing service during Civil War, including setting up hospitals, winning confidence of generals. She lived from  July 19, 1817 to November 8, 1901. She was known as Mother Bickerdyke or the Calico Colonel, and her full name was  Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke. Mary Ann Bickerdyke Biography Mary Ann Ball was born in 1817 in Ohio.   Her father, Hiram Ball, and mother, Anne Rodgers Ball, were farmers.   Anne Balls mother had been married before and brought children to her marriage to Hiram Ball. Anne died when Mary Ann Ball was only a year old,. Mary Ann was sent with her sister and her mother’s older two children to live with their maternal grandparents, also in Ohio, while her father remarried.   When the grandparents died, an uncle, Henry Rodgers, cared for the children for a time. We don’t know much about Mary Ann’s early years.   Some sources claim she attended Oberlin College and was part of the Underground Railroad, but there’s no historical evidence for those events. Marriage Mary Ann Ball married Robert Bickerdyke in April 1847. The couple lived in Cincinnati, where Mary Ann may have helped with nursing during the 1849 cholera epidemic.   They had two sons.   Robert struggled with ill health as they moved to Iowa and then to Galesburg, Illinois. He died in 1859.   Now widowed, Mary Ann Bickerdyke then had to work to support herself and her children. She worked in domestic service and did some work as a nurse. She was part of the Congregational Church in Galesburg where the minister was Edward Beecher, son of the famous minister Lyman Beecher, and a brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe and Catherine Beecher, half-brother of Isabella Beecher Hooker.   Civil War Service When the Civil War began in 1861, the Rev. Beecher called attention to the sad state of soldiers who were stationed in Cairo, Illinois.   Mary Ann Bickerdyke decided to take action, probably based on her experience in nursing.  Ã‚   She put her sons under the care of others, then went to Cairo with medical supplies that had been donated.   On arrival in Cairo, she took charge of sanitary conditions and nursing at the encampment, though women were not supposed to be there without prior permission.   When a hospital building was finally constructed, she was appointed matron. After her success in Cairo, though still without any formal permission to do her work, she went with Mary Safford, who had also been at Cairo, to follow the army as it moved south.   She nursed the wounded and sick among the soldiers at the battle of Shiloh. Elizabeth Porter, representing the Sanitary Commission, was impressed by Bickerdyke’s work, and arranged for an appointment as a â€Å"Sanitary field agent.† This position also brought in a monthly fee. General Ulysses S Grant developed a trust for Bickerdyke, and saw to it that she had a pass to be in the camps.   She followed Grant’s army to Corinth, Memphis, then to Vicksburg, nursing at each battle. Accompanying Sherman At Vicksburg, Bickerdyke decided to join the army of William Tecumsah Sherman as it began a march south, first to Chattanooga, then on Sherman’s infamous march through Georgia.   Sherman allowed Elizabeth Porter and Mary Ann Bickerdyke to accompany the army, but when the army reached Atlanta, Sherman sent Bickerdyke back to the north. Sherman recalled Bickerdyke, who had gone to New York, when his army moved towards Savannah.   He arranged for her passage back to the front.   On her way back to Sherman’s army, Bickerdyke stopped for a while to help with Union prisoners who’d been recently released from the Confederate prisoner of war camp at Andersonville.   She finally connected back with Sherman and his men in North Carolina. Bickerdyke remained in her volunteer post – though with some recognition from the Sanitary Commission – until the very end of the war, in 1866, staying as long as there were soldiers still stationed. After the Civil War Mary Ann Bickerdyke tried several jobs after leaving army service. She ran a hotel with her sons, but when she got sick, they sent her to San Francisco.   There she helped advocate for pensions for the veterans.   She was hired at the mint in San Francisco.   She also attended reunions of the Grand Army of the Republic, where her service was recognized and celebrated. Bickerdyke died in Kansas in 1901.   In 1906, the town of Galesburg, from which she’d left to go to the war, honored her with a stature. While some of the nurses in the Civil War were organized by religious orders or under Dorothea Dix’ command, Mary Ann Bickerdyke represents another kind of nurse: a volunteer who was not responsible to any supervisor, and who often interjected themselves into camps where women were forbidden to go.

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The Yield Curve Kink Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Yield Curve Kink Decision - Essay Example For example, Tony Boeckh had extensive skills in bank credit and was a skilled economist. On the other hand, James Hymas, who was the president and the chief executive officer, was the portfolio manager while Eric Deckert and Bing Li were the company analysts (Hunger, 2002). Currently the company is managing over $1.7 billion, pension funds. As the company portrayed strong record of accomplishment, it attracted more clients and within 7 years, it gained over $400 million in pension business even though it lost small pension accounts that were worth $10 million in total (Iansiti and Levien, 2004). By the end of September 1997, Greydanus, Broekh and Associates annualized return stood at 13.80% rising above the SCM universe bond index that stood at 13.56% (Steve, 2010). At the same year, the company monthly returns at the end of September stood at 1.97% while the duration was 5.56 as compared to the SCM return and duration which stood at 1.72% and 5.47 respectively. According to the independent pension consultant, GBA investment style includes 20% pure interest rate anticipation while the quantitative value strategies stood at the remaining 80%. Given its effort to make sustainable investment decisions, GBA makes its investment decisions based quantitative as well as computer models. In order for the company to increase its revenue, sometimes it times the market for example in 1994 and 1995. During this time, GBA noted that the market had overshot and the possibility of interest rates declining was high. As a result, the company limited its investment portfolio to avoid losses. In most of the times, the company managed its investment portfolio in a range within 1.5 years of the recognized standard fixed income benchmark unless the customers applied a different benchmark (Steve, 2010). One notable aspect to note for GBA is that it invested entirely in government bonds, and a strategy the company adopted in ensuring the maximum earnings of